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Nikki Ridge – Venus Envy Paper


Nikki casts wax seals into little pieces of art for customers to use as a finishing touch to their invitations or letters.

You can find her shop at etsy.com/shop/venusenvypaper


Katharine waskett – Paper Firefly


Kat designs and creates handcrafted greeting cards for all your special occasions.

You can find her shop at etsy.com/shop/PaperFireflyCrafts


Paola Antieri – Country Shabby Details


Are you looking to turn your house into a home? Paola creates country/shabby chic homewares and home decor to help you do just that. 

You can find her shop at www.countryshabbydetails.com.au

Mitzie DayCatinmyCloset


Mitzie makes fun felt creations – crowns, masks and more!

Find her shop at etsy.com/ie/shop/CatInMyCloset


Aliya HutchisonSailor Mouth Soaps


Aliya makes soaps inspired by creepy cute stuff, replica food, witchcraft, animism, floristry and herbalism.

Find her shop at sailormouthsoaps.com