How do you make sure your customer’s orders don’t get mixed up? How do you track their orders? In fact, what are the important things you need to keep track of in the first place? Ah, the woes of order processing!
Discover what processes Jess currently uses and what Mik used to use.

This episode will help you learn from our mistakes and find an order processing system that works for YOU!

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Diving deeper into this month’s topic which is about organizing your business into systems, Jess is sharing exactly how she is implementing it in her own business. This episode is filled with practical information on how helpful having a system for processing your orders is to you and your handmade business.

In this episode we cover:

  • At what point in your business can you start considering documenting your order processing;
  • Why it’s important to document the order processing;
  • Jess’ approach to document her order processing system;
  • Systems can change over time and there are many reasons why you need to be flexible in tweaking it; 
  • Step-by-step order processing system from start to finish that you can apply to your own handmade business;
  • Avoiding customer dissatisfaction by setting customer expectations that considerably saves time and drama;
  • Why it’s always important to remember to always under promise and over deliver;
  • How you can incorporate quality checks in the initial stages of processing orders to packaging so that the right products are shipped to the right customers;
  • Cases where there may be exceptions to the order processing systems that you need to make depending on the products that you are selling;
  • Examples of other systems that may overlap with your order processing systems but are necessary to help your business grow;
  • Documenting using a physical order book VS an online spreadsheet;
  • Creating an order processing system not only makes your handmade business more efficient but also saves you a ton of mental load.


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