In the last episode, we talked about all the different marketing numbers you should be looking at in your biz.

Today, we’re focussing on a really important number – conversion rate.

This is the number of sales you make as a percentage of the number of visitors to your site.

Why does this matter? Because it’s an indication of how well your items are performing in the marketplace.

Listen in to find out why this matters, and how you can improve it!

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:

  • What the average expected conversion rate is ;
  • The meaning of conversion rate and how it’s calculated;
  • Link between traffic and conversion rate; 
  • Why having 1 sale per hundred visitors is fine;
  • Reasons why you have low conversions rate even when you have high traffic and suggestions on how to fix it;
  • The importance of images and descriptions in your product page;
  • Why traffic quality matters and its effect on your conversion rate;
  • Problems that you may encounter when you get low quality traffic;
  • What quality of traffic means;
  • Why paying someone to boost traffic to your website, product pages or social media accounts affects conversion rate;
  • Couple of things you can test or tweak to improve your conversion rate;
  • Your traffic and conversion will fluctuate throughout the year depending on the season or your products;
  • Why you should not ask strangers for the price of your products and tips on what to include when pricing for your handmade goods;
  • Giving too many options for customizations can affect your conversion rate;



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