It’s almost the end of 2018 (what?!) – so over the next 2 episodes, we’re going to help you to get clear on where you want your business to go in 2019.

Today, the focus is on your vision – the overarching intention for your business in 2019. We discuss our own approach to visioning, including choosing the ‘one word’ to focus on. And… we outline not only our personal business visions, but we let the cat out of the bag on some of the visions we have for The Business of Making – beyond the podcast! Don’t miss Part 2 next week, where we get more into the nitty-gritty of planning for the year ahead! ~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:

  • Focusing on your vision for your business in 2019
  • The practical and emotional/fulfilment part of your vision
  • Guidelines to keep ourselves focused
  • Intentions or focus of the year
  • Defining what vision is and how it can mean different things for different people
  • Vision may not always be about sales and money
  • One worded visions to help you focus: Clarity, Focus, Expansion, Create, Visibility, Balance
  • What you had initially planned may not turn out to be the one you achieve by the end of the year and that’s okay
  • The Business of Making vision for 2019 on helping makers who are serious about running a business to do it well
  • The Business of Making will be showing up all over Australia to educate communities
  • We want to create a community element beyond a facebook group or a membership
  • Wanting to connect with people and meet more makers in Australia
  • Your small vision being a part of a bigger vision
  • Your visions build on each other by part and create that bigger vision
  • Evaluating where you are now, what you are happy with, and that you are heading in the right direction
  • Focus on what you can achieve in 1 year
  • It’s not a race and be careful not to get trapped
  • Assess what you have done and learn how and when to move forward