How do you feel about marketing your products?

This week’s episode is inspired by something that’s been on many handmade sellers’ minds due to the Covid-19 pandemic but that’s relevant at ALL times, pandemic or not (so if you’re listening in the future, still a very good episode to listen to!).

We’re talking about being hesitant in marketing your products, why it is, and how to become more confident when selling your creations. This is both a “mindset” issue and a “marketing strategy” issue (like many things in business!) and we made sure to tackle both to help you feel better (and be better at) selling your products.

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~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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Ever felt guilty about marketing your products or business during this pandemic? You’re not alone. Many makers are second guessing themselves with putting their work out to the world. In this episode, we’re telling you why you need to keep marketing your stuff. 

what we cover in this episode:

  • Reasons why makers are having a hard time marketing their products online;
  • The root of the problem is your lack of belief in yourself and your work;
  • Understanding your customers and how to position your products or services to the right people;
  • Charging the right amount of money for your products and services and why the wrong price can turn off your potential customers;
  • Competing on the value of the product and service;
  • Why there are more people who are buying more products online now more than ever and why it’s the right time to sell;
  • Planning ahead to pivot your business;
  • Why people have more money to pay for your products now than before;
  • Telling a story is a valuable marketing tactic you can always use whether you’re in a pandemic or not;
  • Klaviyo’s daily survey results and Etsy’s Annual report show that ecommerce is on the rise;
  • Delivering good customer service will turn potential customers to repeat customers;
  • There are many ways to be sympathetic and empathetic in your marketing;
  • Depending on where you are and who you are selling to, your business can thrive;
  • It’s always ok to make mistakes;
  • One complaint do not represent the majority of your audience;
  • Don’t preemptively apologize for everything;
  • Humor is perfectly fine as long as it’s appropriate as it helps people deal.