What does it take for a handmade business to earn xxx amount of income?

How many hours do makers need to work on their business to achieve their profit goals and can you really earn a lot working part-time?

Let’s STOP guessing and START looking at the data instead. By cross referencing the results we were able to analyse the relation between X and Y.

In this Patreon-exclusive episode, we derived answers to those interesting results that surprised us in Parts 1 and 2 of the State of Handmade Business Survey episode. So we are digging deeper into the data and we’re sharing it with you.

We recommend having the results/graphs in front of you as you listen to this if possible, it will make it easier to understand. If not, make sure to grab them anyway to refer to it later:

Take a look at the results and download the PDF version here.

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~ Jess, Mik & Deb

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The last series of the survey results is here! We are diving deeper into who’s making more money, how long they have been in the handmade business, what products are they making, and cross analysing those data.