Ready to dive deeper into SEO?

Why is it important to learn how search engines work? Once you learn how these giants gather information in their respective platforms, SEO won’t seem as complicated as you thought it would be. Knowing what data search engines are looking for will help you better understand what content you should be focusing on.

That’s why in this 2nd SEO series, we will help you figure out how the SEO works for Etsy, Google, and Pinterest. We talk about the nuances of each platforms and we’ll give you tips on what works and what doesn’t anymore.

WARNING: This episode is packed full of useful tips, you will need to rewind and listen to it more than once!


~ Jess, Mik & Deb

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In this 2nd SEO series we talk about specific platforms to better optimize your business in different search engines. Get more views, traffic and sales in your shop with SEO tips in this week’s episode.

what we cover in this episode:

  • How different platforms have different SEO 
  • What query matching means in Etsy
  • Query matching on Etsy are product titles, tags, attributes, categories
  • Description doesn’t count in Etsy SEO
  • Factors to rank higher in Etsy search engine
  • CSR or Context Specific Results means no one gets the same search results and it’s based on the previous user’s behavior
  • Etsy accepts variations of spelling of a word
  • Free shipping gets priority on Etsy
  • Bestsellers are rank higher in search results
  • Recency gives your products a boost in beginning 
  • Fill out all the fields on your shop and products
  • Reviews helps rank higher
  • Difference with SEO in Google if you have an Etsy store and without
  • Etsy description, title, tags, and sections matter in Google SEO
  • Any inbound links in Etsy will rank higher in Google
  • Images help to rank in Google
  • Upload images with keywords in the title
  • Several tips to optimize your website to rank in Google search engine
  • Google reads the code on your website and looks at headings
  • Use only one H1 headings
  • YouTube SEO rules is the same as Google
  • Do not stuff keywords
  • Fill out all fields in your Pinterest account
  • Pinterest title boards are important in Pinterest SEO
  • Hashtags in Instagram is different from hashtags in Pinterest
  • How hashtags in Pinterest works