Let’s talk about S.E.O!

Whether you sell on your own website, or on a platform like Etsy – you’ve probably seen or heard about “SEO” (which stands for Search Engine Optimisation) before… But what is it really? What’s an algortihm? How does it all freak*ng work?!

This month we are tackling the SEO beast with not 1, not 2, but (yay!) 3 episodes to help you become an SEO pro.

In this first episode, we cover the basics (worth a listen even if you think you’re already a master of the SEO game): what is SEO? Why does it matter? How does it work?


~ Jess, Mik & Deb

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Learn one of the most effective ways to bring customers to your shop in the long term. In this week’s episode, we explain what SEO is, why it works and tips on how you can implement it. 

what we cover in this episode:

  • What SEO/Search Engine Optimization is;
  • How to know when you are doing SEO right and what “quality content” means;
  • Why is it important to optimize your content for search engines;
  • Search engine optimization vs social media vs paid ads;
  • Different search engine platforms you may not know about;
  • SEO friendly web builders;
  • Understanding how different search engines gather information and why it’s important to be aware of it in order to rank better;
  • What to avoid when starting with SEO;
  • Tips to optimize images on your website;
  • Write like you are writing to a real person;
  • How to write a search engine optimized title for your products;
  • Steps to get started with SEO:
    • Your site must be able to be read by Google (indexable, searchable, crawlable);
    • Create compelling content and answer the search queries;
    • Optimize content using keywords;
    • Make sure your site loads quickly and offers good user experience;
    • Consider how to make your content share-worthy to gain backlinks, citations and amplifications in order to boost your ranking;
    • Make sure your page title, meta description, and url are designed for a high click through rate.