Do you feel disappointed when you don’t get to do all the things that you intend to do? 

Maybe it’s time to get realistic on how many things you can really do in a day, week, month or even year.

It’s time to get real with your expectations in this week’s episode.

This month we’re talking about mindset (and this month’s Patreon exclusive episode will be about that) – and we’re kicking off by discussing the gap between expectations vs. reality in business.

We so often set (or unconsciously hold) unrealistic expectations for what we can achieve in our business.

In this episode we discuss what some of those might be, and what a more realistic perspective can bring – including more consistent progress and better peace of mind!

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:

  • Why setting expectations too high and too low can be a problem
  • The negative effects of setting very high expectations
  • Reasons why people set high expectations
  • Underestimating how long it takes to accomplish something
  • It takes time to build a business to be successful unless you have the money to spend 
  • You have to commit at something for years
  • Making your first sale may take months after opening your shop
  • Extending your business timeline
  • Why and how you may want to underschedule
  • Balancing under scheduling and not underestimating ourselves 
  • Making a conscious choice when devoting a certain amount of time
  • Different goals require different amounts of time you need to spend on it to achieve it
  • Allowing yourself time to fail
  • Don’t let someone’s outside affects your inside
  • How to schedule your days using the concept of white space
  • Committing a certain number of time and creating a schedule around it
  • Why you need to participate in the State of Handmade Survey and its connection with setting expectations 
  • We underestimate what we are capable but overestimate what we can do with the time that we have 


      The State of Handmade Survey