a new decade is here – and there are changes afoot at tbom hq.

In December 2019 we sat down together for a few days – a virtual retreat – and decided what we wanted this podcast and project to be in 2020.

And we got excited!

Things are a-changing – we’ve got a few shakeups coming your way in 2020 – including an epic project (which we need your help with) and something special for our Platinum Patrons – and in this episode we spill all the tea on what we have planned (and why).

Big things are happening in our personal lives, too, which we talk about in this episode – we touch on what we spoke about in our 2019 NY Resolutions episode (did they happen???) and our new plans for the new year.

Probably one of the biggest pieces of news is that from this episode on, we will be publishing on a fortnightly basis (twice a month) – a decision we thought long and hard about – and we explain exactly why in this episode.

We’re also super-excited about our new project called The State of Handmade – which we discuss in this ep, but which we’re also going to be telling you about in more detail in just a few days.

Are you ready to have a kick-ass year in business? We are!

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:

  • Recapping our 2019 focus/resolutions and the outcome
  • The things we have done for The Business of Making such as the Email Marketing Workshop aside from the weekly podcast
  • The reasons why the retreat will not happen this year
  • Getting more clear with our intentions for the Business of Making
  • Switching our publishing podcast on a fortnightly basis for the general public
  • Adding a new Patron only podcast episode every month
  • Why we don’t want ads on our podcast
  • Reasons for changing our podcast publishing from weekly to fortnightly
  • It’s ok to revisit and change your plans 
  • More isn’t always better when it comes to content creation to avoid burning out
  • Sometimes less is more
  • The goal of our big project which an industry survey called State of Handmade
  • Why the survey will be beneficial to all makers
  • Why you need to get onboard in the The State of Handmade 
  • Our one word focus for 2020
  • The big plans we have in store for all our listeners of The Business of Making and why we’re excited for the podcast going forward! 


      The State of Handmade Survey