You already have vision. Now what?

So you’ve set your vision or intentions for the next year. The next question is how do you actually turn that vision into reality?
In this episode, we share our different planning methods to help you organize your priorities and action steps. We also talk about when’s the best time to plan and some tips for how long you can plan ahead.
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~ Jess, Mik & Deb

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Part 2 of our mini-series on planning and we are more convinced than ever that everyone needs to properly plan things in order to achieve our visions and goals in life.


what we cover in this episode:

  • Practicality and planning for the New Year
  • How the Makers Haven ladies do our planning and the different methods we use in planning our year
  • When the best time to plan the year is
  • Not worrying about not having plans yet.
  • Planning on paper versus planning digitally
  • Focus for each quarter, month, and day
  • Planning big events 
  • Looking ahead and being clear of what’s coming
  • Knowing the 3 priorities that will make that one-word vision a reality
  • Creating your vision and implementing and how it shouldn’t be one or the other
  • Under planning 
  • Prioritizing for the day using a separate list 
  • Putting or writing down your plans where you go to get your tasks done
  • Why writing stuff down helps
  • That you can plan and you can also change the plan
  • Not letting an opportunity that comes along hinder you from taking it just because of the plans you have already set
  • Be flexible
  • How planning reduces stress levels