Can you *really* be a supporter of handmade, if you also shop at Big Box stores like Kmart, Target and the like?

In today’s episode we chat about the concept of support, what that means to each of us and how judgement from others has perhaps made us a little ranty on this particular subject (*ahem* Mikaela…).

We also talk about ethics and how much you should push or educate your peers to buy ethically, and we touch briefly on the concept of scarcity mindset – which will be covered more in-depth in a future episode!

We’d love to know where you stand on this issue (and welcome differing viewpoints!), so make sure you let us know your thoughts after listening to this weeks episode.

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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When  we’re talking about Big box stores, we mean stores that are a franchise or chain, perhaps in a shopping centre, or have ridiculously cheap things to sell. There is an argument going around as to whether or not you should shop at big box stores if handmade is important to you. Is this a black or white thing or is there a grey area we can look into?

what we cover in this episode:

  • Whether or not you can be supportive of handmade or small businesses even if you shop at target or other big box stores?
  • How buying everything handmade can cost a lot of money
  • Realistically, when you need kitchenware, house stuff or other things, we all usually buy from big box stores
  • Financial issues and convenience
  • Everybody has their own perception of value
  • We can do both, support handmade AND shop at big box stores for practical reasons
  • It is an ethical decision with what you do with your money
  • People’s needs are different for different handmade products
  • There are so many layers on this argument and it’s really more complicated than just choosing between shopping handmade OR shopping at big box stores. It’s not one or the other
  • We’re all guilty of berating other people for not thinking the way we do
  • Before posting something negative, think about whether or not you want that negativity to be associated with your brand
  • Be yourself but be the best version of yourself
  • Going the extra mile to check ethical practices in the production of big companies

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