The biggest struggle as a creative shop owner?

Dealing with the constant flow of ideas and thoughts flowing through our creative little brains.
We don’t know about you, but we sure feel like most of the time our brains are like an internet browser with 56 different tabs opened, and it can quickly get overwhelming.
So… how do you get everything out of your head when you have TOO MANY ideas for your business? That’s what we discuss in this week’s episode.
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~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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Tons of business ideas are great. However, there are times when all those amazing ideas are just that, ideas. So how do you deal with all these ideas in your head? In this week’s episode, we discuss how you can stop being overwhelmed and paralyzed with so many business ideas. 

what we cover in this episode:

  • Creative and entrepreneurial minds are more prone to getting shiny object syndrome;
  • Following all your ideas and constantly jumping from one to another is a mistake;
  • The negative effects of bringing new ideas into your business;
  • Culling your product collections based on your brand;
  • What to do when you have new ideas that excites you;
  • Why starting a new business or another Etsy shop for is not a good idea;
  • What to expect when you are running multiple businesses;
  • How to roll with the excitement of your new idea for a couple months without taking action;
  • Don’t let your new idea take your time away from your main business;
  • Organizing your ideas into paper and digital notes to review for later;
  • Saying no to a new idea for now is not the same as saying no to it forever;
  • List of digital systems for note taking;
  • Planning using bullet journals;
  • How to plan for a new year.