Do what you love… and money will follow?!

This week’s episode is a goodie, if we do say so ourselves! 
It all started thanks to a funny quote that the fantastic Melissa, a member of our Facebook group shared on our feed… here it is:

Now wouldn’t that be GREAT?

In today’s episode, we asked ourselves…  Can you really get paid for doing what you love?

Listen to this week’s episode to hear our thoughts!

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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Do you believe that by manifesting something the universe will give it to you? While there’s some truth to it, we think it’s just step one. In this episode, we talk about what to do after you have visualized your goal.

what we cover in this episode:

  • Why we don’t agree with that doing what you love will make the money follow;
  • Manifesting is just the first step and what are the next steps you need to do to be successful;
  • What confirmation bias means;
  • Turning your hobby into a business may take the shine off of it;
  • An example of turning what you love into a business and loving it;
  • Loving your work and loving what you’re doing is not enough;
  • How to figure out when doing what you love is not working;
  • YOU generate traffic to your website;
  • Some marketing ads we’ve come across that tell you how doing only what you love is enough;
  • Innovation isn’t always the best;
  • Some reasons why you may not be getting any sales;
  • Showing up isn’t a guarantee that you’d be successful;
  • How to show up properly.