Hello, maker!

This week on the podcast, we dive back into a topic we’ve already touched on: email marketing!

This time though, rather that telling you what you SHOULD do, we’re telling you what you should NOT do and covering the most common email marketing mistakes we see shop owners make (don’t worry, we make some of those ourselves 🤫).

We’re also very happy to announce that we decided to make the recordings of our popular Email Marketing for Makers Workshop Series available to all of you, so if you couldn’t join us live when we hosted it, you can still get all 3 workshops and get your email marketing groove on!

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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So you’ve been doing email marketing for a while now and you notice that people are not clicking your call to action, not opening your emails or worst, an unusual number have unsubscribed. Now, before you think about abandoning email marketing altogether (please don’t though because it’s an important marketing tool), let us help you figure out why that’s happening and how you can fix it.

what we cover in this episode:

  • Tracking your open and click through rates;
  • Getting stuck in the vanity metrics of email marketing;
  • What to do when people unsubscribe from your mailing list;
  • Some mistakes you could be doing that are causing an abnormal number of unsubscribes;
  • Experimenting with long and short emails and noticing trends;
  • Tips when writing a long email to your subscribers;
  • Making sure to send the right content to the right people;
  • Breaking down your email content and how to make it more readable;
  • Creating an email marketing calendar plan;
  • Planning your email content;
  • How to market your newsletter so people will sign up to it;
  • Writing an email depending on your target audience;
  • Getting help from a copywriter with your email copy and brand personality;
  • Being afraid about talking to your subscribers and *forgetting* to send the email;
  • Mentioning some things multiple times is ok;
  • Feeling awkward with mentioning or selling your products;
  • The best way to deal with rare angry email replies.