do you find it hard to say ‘no’?

In this episode we talk about why, when, and how to say no to things that aren’t aligned with your vision.

Saying no is definitely a skill that can be learnt, and it is a vital one to learn if you want to be successful in business.

It can also be super-hard to do – especially for women, and especially if a lot of people in your life are used to relying on you to say ‘yes’ to their priorties at the expense of your own.

We discuss all of these issues and more – and outline our own struggles with saying the big N-O.

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:

  • Why it’s hard to say no
  • Benefits of saying no
  • Why it’s ok to say no
  • How having visions and boundaries makes it easier to say no
  • If you have a burning yes, it’s hard to say no
  • Being aware of what to say yes to
  • Grey areas you need to be aware of
  • Never start a custom order before getting paid 
  • Why some people struggle with saying no
  • Society’s expectations versus saying no 
  • Scarcity mindset and how it is a problem when leaning to say no
  • Valuing feedback from people who are close to you
  • Learning to say no versus the fear of being called selfish
  • No is a complete sentence
  • Other ways of saying no 
  • Figuring out who to say no to
  • Tying to do so many things at the same time and how it makes it easier to say no