Let’s say you’re now at the markets and craft shows getting ready to make a sale. Have you thought about your strategy in getting people to come to your stall and potentially getting more sales?

Yes, you still need to know what you are going to do at the market to ensure that you sell as much as possible. Know what to do to get customers to your stall, how to get them engaged, and other do’s and don’ts when you’re at handmade markets and craft shows in this week’s episode. 

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:


    • What to do and what NOT to do when selling at handmade markets and craft shows
    • Being aware of when people need help and when to give them space to look around
    • Don’t hide, fiddle, and ignore people
    • Making your handmade products when you are selling
    • Establish eye-contact and correct body language
    • Practice bright, pleasant, happy face
    • Why it’s not okay to complain to you customer
    • Don’t overthink or over-analyse
    • Pay attention to your customers
    • Tips for starting a conversation with your customer
    • Hiring people to help you manage your stall
    • The best way to compliment a customer without being awkward
    • Benefits of having someone with you to help you with your stall
    • Preparing the materials you need for your stall and how to arrange your stall strategically 
    • Maximize table space for your products
    • Eating while you’re selling at handmade markets & craft shows

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