Christmas is coming!

It might sound a little crazy to be talking about Christmas in August, but truthfully… it’s coming at us real quick! In this episode, we help you create a timeline so you can prepare for successful holiday season with your handmade shop. What do you need to do… and by when? That’s exactly what we cover in this episode! Enjoy!

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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Is it just us or is time moving really fast? It was just January yesterday and it’s going to be Christmas in just a few months… or maybe tomorrow if you don’t start planning your strategies for your handmade business now. There’s just so many things you need to prepare for and we know it can be overwhelming. 

So in this week’s episode we will help you start planning for the Christmas countdown to make the most out of this season. Tick tock! 

what we cover in this episode:

  • Why makers need to start planning for Christmas now;
  • Things you need to consider when creating products for Christmas;
  • Ideas to make your products giftable even when you don’t sell seasonal products;
  • Using your email list for promotion;
  • Make sure to schedule time for all promotional stuff that needs to get done;
  • Work backwards from your cut-off dates;
  • How to set your cut-off dates for different shipping terms, time zones, turn-around time, and more;
  • Don’t overpromise and underdeliver;
  • Organizing collaborations and start reaching out to other makers;
  • Making sure to stock up on your materials;
  • Potential problems you may have if you don’t prepare;
  • Prioritize what needs to get done first to avoid getting overwhelmed;
  • Repurposing your previous Christmas marketing promotions;
  • Other holidays or celebrations you may want to prepare for besides Christmas;
  • Managing the number of orders realistically;
  • Things take a lot more time than what people think.