if you are planning on taking part in handmade markets and craft shows – but you don’t know where to start – this week’s podcast is the perfect episode for you.

It’s the next instalment on our series about craft shows & handmade markets – and how to rock them! (Look below in the shownotes for the previous episode.)

Today, we talk about what kinds of market and shows you can do, and how to prepare for each one.

We also share practical tips on how to set up and what to expect when participating in markets and shows.

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:


    • How to prepare well for a market or show to succeed
    • Checklist and strategies to help you cope with the stress of setting up
    • How to assess and choose the right kind of market to join 
    • Applying for markets and shows
    • Differences between markets in different areas
    • Tips for visiting and talking to people who are already selling at the market
    • Checking for your target market
    • Differences between big and small markets and shows
    • Should you sell at small markets and shows first as practice or start with bigger markets and shows
    • Personal experience in selling and applying at small and big markets and shows
    • Dealing with the fear of applying or joining a handmade market or shows
    • How much stock should you bring
    • Be really aware on how people interact with your store
    • Tips for organizing your stall layout
    • Putting prices on your items 
    • Have a checklist of what you need to take before heading to markets and shows
    • Take note of different market requirements
    • How much money you need to bring
    • Different ways of taking payments
    • Why you need to track your sales and ways on how to do that
    • Be flexible, adapt, and just roll with it

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Grab your Checklist: thebusinessofmaking.com/marketprep