We would all love to buy every pretty thing we come across from our fellow makers – but even jeff bezos isn’t rich enough to buy it all!

But I know you want to support your fellow makers, right? This week, we discuss 8 ways that you can do just that – without having to spend a cent. Once you’ve had a listen below, come on over to our free Facebook group and let us know – what’s your fave way to support other makers? ~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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what we cover in this episode:

  • Supporting each other in a community of makers
  • Receiving/giving constructive criticism to help each other how to be better through peer to peer learning
  • Supporting each other on social media
  • Doing a group giveaway and promoting each other’s stuff
  • Taking your friends to markets and introducing this niche to them
  • How underpricing your products will only hurt other makers
  • Sharing good content of other makers like their podcast, blog, shop, Youtube videos, etc
  • Starting your own community or group on a specific topic to help each other learn more and benefit from it