imposter syndrome

Ever felt like a fraud? Wondering why YOU should sell your products? Thought you weren’t good or talented enough?
Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship! That little voice in your head? That’s Mr. Imposter Syndrome… and he’s not the best of friends.
We ALL struggle with imposter syndrome, and (spoiler alert) it doesn’t go away as you get more successful – which is why this week we open up about how we deal with it and hope this will give you some good tips!

~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

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Almost all of us deal with imposter syndrome at some point in our lives and you should know that you are not alone in this. Learn more about our thoughts on what imposter syndrome is and what we have done to try and overcome it. We are not trained psychologists in any way but we are here to share our experiences and opinions on how to be courageous in times you doubt yourself and ask yourself who you are to do the thing that you do. Because why not you?


what we cover in this episode:

  • What imposter syndrome is;
  • Why women suffer with imposter syndrome more than men do;
  • Having a great support system to help you overcome it;
  • Combatting your irrational thoughts because you are not your thoughts;
  • Seeking professional help when needed;
  • Embracing the fact that you are still learning and accepting who you are;
  • Recognizing if what you’re feeling is imposter syndrome and find out where it is coming from;
  • Stop comparing yourself with everyone else to avoid being influenced by their work;
  • You might just not be there yet but you will get there.

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