How do you grow a successful and sustainable business when you also have other responsibilities?

Whether that’s a job, kids, a caretaker role – chances are, you’ve got something else going on in your life that’s taking up your time and sapping your energy. So – how do you also find the time/energy to grow a business on the side? In this episode we give you our top tips on this, as well as sharing our own (very different!) experiences of building our own businesses. We hope you enjoy this episode – when you’re done listening, make sure to come and let us know what you thought in our free Facebook group. ~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

In-Person Mastermind Events in Australia: We Need Your Help!

In case you missed the big news, we announced a few episodes back that we are going to organise in-person Mastermind events in a few cities in Australia this year, and we’re pretty excited about it (to say the least!). These events will be an opportunity to work closely with the 3 of us, in a small group setting. Think super actionable, “let-s-get-it-done-together-right-now” events. BUT… We need your help! We need you to help us tailor this event to what YOU really need to work on in your handmade business + you’ll get to help us pick which cities we should travel to! Click this link and take this super short survey to let us know:

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what we cover in this episode:

  • How to turn  your hobby and interest into a full-time business while working.
  • Doing things the healthy way.
  • When you are still starting out, don’t compare yourself with other makers.
  • Not expecting to grow your business quickly while juggling work.
  • Why you shouldn’t be in a rush.
  • Doing research prior to entering a business.
  • Putting on the right mindset.
  • Having enough time for your business.
  • Setting priorities and organizing everything.
  • Giving time for enough rest.
  • Setting a schedule or structure for the week covering work, family and business.
  • Preparing yourself to utilize dead time (e.g. waiting for the bus, riding a taxi) productively.