What’s in store for all listeners of the Business of Making Podcast

As our last episode for the year we reminisce about how the Business of Making started. By now, most of you probably know that the podcast will be going on hiatus for a while and we know you have a lot of questions.

What can our listeners expect while the podcast is in hiatus?
Will the in-person workshop plans resume in 2022? 
When will the podcast be back?

So in this episode we will answer all of that and more! Find out what’s in store for all of you makers by listening to this episode below or you can listen to it on your favourite podcast app.

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~ Mikaela, Deb & Jess


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As this is our last episode this year and for a while, we will talk about what’s in store for our listeners of the Business of Making Podcast.

What we cover in this episode:

  • The initial reasons why we started The Business of Making Podcast and how it turned into a passion project;
  • What we’ll be doing during the hiatus;
  • When the podcast will be coming back;
  • The ebb and flow of running a handmade business;
  • Why you shouldn’t give up on your passion project;
  • What finite and infinite thinking means and how it will help you develop a better perspective in life;
  • What will happen to our Patreon community;
  • How you can listen to all exclusive podcast episodes for just a $1 a month;   
  • What Mikaela’s research for the handmade community is about.


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