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Let’s be honest, pricing is one of THE most requested topics and searched for blog posts on all three of our respective websites, so we thought we would take the opportunity to touch the surface of this deep subject area!

What are the things you need to think about and include when pricing your handmade goods? Let our downloadable checklist guide you in the process and help you arrive at the price that can work for you and your business!

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~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

In-Person Mastermind Events in Australia: We Need Your Help!

In case you missed the big news, we announced a few episodes back that we are going to organise in-person Mastermind events in a few cities in Australia this year, and we’re pretty excited about it (to say the least!). These events will be an opportunity to work closely with the 3 of us, in a small group setting. Think super actionable, “let-s-get-it-done-together-right-now” events. BUT… We need your help! We need you to help us tailor this event to what YOU really need to work on in your handmade business + you’ll get to help us pick which cities we should travel to! Click this link and take this super short survey to let us know:

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what we cover in this episode:

  • Outline of the pricing process
  • The common mistakes people make when pricing their products
  • Pricing at a profitable level
  • The hobbyist mentality
  • The difference between the hobbyist and the professional
  • What costs you need to account for
  • The time you actually consume in making your products
  • Why you should pay yourself
  • How women are devaluing the work that they do
  • The general consensus of the craft community
  • How to respect your work more
  • When to put your prices up and not being afraid to do so
  • Why the number of sales you are making is not as important
  • Getting rid of the wrong customers who don’t value your work
  • Remembering that you cannot compete on price