Change is the only constant…

There are massive changes happening to the Business of Making podcast this 2022. But before that we want to share the good news to our community.

Someone’s expecting a baby! Can you guess who? 

Listen to this week’s episode to find out who and what this good news means for the podcast, our listeners, and our Patreon community.

PS: And to all our Patrons, our live “Ask Us Anything” session is happening soon. You can send your questions as early as now. See you soon!



~ Mikaela, Deb & Jess

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Change is the only thing that’s permanent. In this episode we are announcing 2 big changes that are happening in 2022.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Baby announcement, update on business, and plans for the future;
  • Challenges of running a business when expecting a baby;
  • Things to prepare before taking a long period of time off running a business;
  • The realities of having children and owning a business;
  • Balancing work and raising a newly born baby;
  • Why the Business of Making podcast is taking a break for a couple of months;
  • Live episode for our Patrons on the 15th of December;
  • How to get access to exclusive Patron-only content;
  • Catch-up with episodes you missed until our mid-year update in 2022.


Mentions and resources: