Trying to build a good habit or break a bad one? This may help…

We all want to improve something in our lives. It may be personal or business related. No matter your goals may be, consistency is the key to to achieving what you want.

Once you have been doing one thing consistently it then becomes a habit. It’s important that you keep building good ones and start breaking the bad habits.

So that’s why in this week’s book club episode we discuss the bestselling book by the author James Clear titled Atomic Habits. In this episode we talk about what concepts we like about the book and why we think it may help guide you in achieving your own goals too.



~ Mikaela, Deb & Jess


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In this book club episode week we discuss the bestselling book by James Clear titled Atomic Habits. Will this book really help you break bad habits and build good ones? Listen to this episode to learn about what we think of the book.

What we cover in this episode:

  • General concept of what the book is and what we think of it;
  • A quick summary of the laws of habit change and inversions to break bad ones;
  • Why we like the concept of identity based habits VS the outcome based habits that are both mentioned in the book;
  • How we adapted the laws of habit change to improve the current habits we are building;
  • “To get a habit to stick you need to feel immediately successful even if it is small”;
  • Why habit tracker works;
  • Our past and present experiences when we realized that we applied the tips mentioned in the book;
  • Why we like the cue system and how it applies to our lives and to running a business;
  • Redefining what success is and how it can change your perspective about success as a handmade business owner;
  • You have to be consistent to make stuff happen;


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