With so many holidays in the second half of the year, many big businesses set up promotions or discounts to attract more customers to buy. As handmade business owners you may be tempted to do the same because it’s when people buy the most statistically and if it works for other businesses why can’t it for you?

It would seem like that’s the best strategy to do to increase your sales but you may want to take a second before running promos every time there’s a holiday. There are many reasons why giving discounts may not be right for your handmade business. And that’s what we discuss in this week’s episode.

In this episode you will learn:

  • what you can do during the holidays to promote your products without giving discounts or creating holiday specific products
  • how much time you need to prepare when you’re planning to run promos
  • choosing the best holiday for your handmade business to run promotions or give discounts
  • minimum preparations that you need to do for the holiday season that doesn’t involve reducing the price of your handmade products
  • and more…

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~Jess, Deb & Mikaela

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