well hello there, maker!

If you’ve started your handmade shop to eventually turn it into a full-time business, this episode is for you.
This week, on the Business of Making Podcast we share our own experiences going from side-hustle to full-time business owner and what we learnt along the way.
Should you keep your day job? Quit and go all in? And when do you know that you are ready to “take the leap”?
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~ Jess, Mik & Deb 

In-Person Mastermind Events in Australia: We Need Your Help!

In case you missed the big news, we announced a few episodes back that we are going to organise in-person Mastermind events in a few cities in Australia this year, and we’re pretty excited about it (to say the least!).

These events will be an opportunity to work closely with the 3 of us, in a small group setting. Think super actionable, “let-s-get-it-done-together-right-now” events.

BUT… We need your help!

We need you to help us tailor this event to what YOU really need to work on in your handmade business + you’ll get to help us pick which cities we should travel to!

Click this link and take this super short survey to let us know:

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Thinking about working on your business full-time? We have to admit that it is a big risk especially if you’re considering quitting your job to be able to do it. Let us help you by sharing how we are doing it, what our struggles and challenges are, and how to move forward and achieve your goal.


what we cover in this episode:

  • How to transition to working for yourself full-time;
  • How we transitioned to working on our businesses full-time;
  • Determining how you can live off the first few months or years of doing business full-time;
  • How you can be your own boss and knowing and doing what your old boss/employer used to do for you;
  • Learning how to handle your taxes;
  • Making sure to do proper research before deciding to do your business full-time;
  • Making sure to give yourself that financial space to grow your business;
  • How to prepare yourself like taking accounting lessons and learning how to manage your expenses;
  • Knowing when to supplement your income and not being ashamed of it while you’re still building your business;
  • Thinking about your retirement, investing, and saving for the future;
  • Not relying on someone else and looking out for yourself;
  • Considering all the things you need to manage on your own once you leave your 9-5 job;
  • That it’s okay to fail and to experiment;
  • Taking the time to see what works and what doesn’t;
  • It doesn’t have to be one or the other, it can be both. You can work on your business and you can still be doing your old job as long as you’re happy;
  • Do what makes you happy;
  • Adjust your timelines and don’t rush into things.

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