Your handmade products may not sell at all and here’s why…

So you’ve started your handmade business? We bet a lot of you have this fear that your products may not sell at all. 

Here’s the reality… that fear never goes away. So what do you do about? 

In this episode we talk about the different ways to mitigate this fear, why you shouldn’t worry too much if your products don’t sell, and some common reasons why you’re not getting any sales.

– Mik, Deb, Jess

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So you’ve already decided to turn your handmade creation into business with the goal of selling and making a profit, right? One of the fears of every business owner is not selling anything. In this episode we talk about the many reasons why this happens and what you can do about it.

What we cover in this episode:

  • Why not getting any sales may be more common than you think when starting your handmade business and why you shouldn’t panic;
  • The truth about handmade makers selling out their products even as a newbie;
  • Some strategies to market your products before launching your business;
  • Reasons why it takes a long time for a new business owner to become successful in your business;
  • You don’t need to learn everything before starting your own business. You can learn along the way;
  • Having different plans may help you get mitigate your fears;
  • Why it’s better to take a step back and think before taking any action VS taking immediate action when your business is not doing well;
  • Why the fear of not being able to sell anything never really goes away;
  • There will be times when your products may not sell or your marketing strategies may not work and that’s normal;
  • Your value is not defined by the number of sales your get;
  • If you are able to remove the emotional aspect when getting a constructive negative feedback, it may be the best thing that anyone can do to help you succeed in your business.