Are you letting your dreams slide because of what other people think you should do?


We’re diving deep into one of the things that might be holding you back from really committing to your handmade biz dream today.

Other people priorities/other people’s problems – and by this, we don’t just mean on a personal, individual level.

We also discuss how your wider culture and life experience may have taught you unhelpful lessons that you need to un-learn before you can make progress. 

– Mik, Deb, Jess

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Do you find yourself putting other people’s problems or responsibilities before your own dreams and desires? There are many reasons why this happens and luckily there are ways to turn that around.

What we cover in this episode:

  • A couple of reasons why you are putting other people’s priorities ahead of your own;
  • Where does the pressure to put other people’s problems/priorities first come from;
  • Differentiating between external factors that forces you to put your priorities aside  VS the choices that you make when other people actually is your priority; 
  • External factors that you may not be aware is making you forego your own priorities;
  • Building your confidence level can help you become aware of what your own priorities are and makes it easier to say NO to what’s not;
  • The right external influences can help you subconsciously build your confidence;
  • Knowing when to say no and asserting your boundaries can help keep you prioritise your own dreams first;
  • There is only a finite time and you may have to drop some activities in order to pursue your goals;
  • Having representation in the handmade industry of people who are making it work helps give you a better perspective of what it takes to build and manage your own business;
  • Looking into the similarities and differences between a 9-5 job and building a business.